Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why seek after these things?

Have you ever wondered why we should learn of the church, men and women in history, or something even as simple as health or math?

In Tad R. Callister's book The Infinite Atonement he explains the answer to this question. He says, "With increased vision can come increased motivation."

Along with this statement he includes a story about Florence Chadwick who had swam the English Channel. The water was freezing and the fog was thick. She recalls on her experience swimming the English Channel and explains how thick the fog was. Close to her destination she almost quit. She stopped swimming and looked up at her father in a nearby boat to take his hand and turn herself in. He then pointed to the shore, which was not far away. With that vision and new motivation, she then became the first woman to swim the English Channel.

How many things can we learn of that we do not know about? How many things can we become more familiar with to ease the pain or anxiety of it or the responsibility that comes with it? How many times have we missed an opportunity to learn of something, and because we did not, we were left with only anxiety for it or with no motivation to move forward?

If we learn of something, reflect upon it, study it, and embrace it then we will only grow closer to it and grow a love for it.

Going back to Callister's book, he parallels this to the Savior. If we learn of the Savior we will grow more love and motivation to become like him. Becoming like him will be easier for us. And isn't that the ultimate goal? To become like Him and obtain salvation to then be able to live with him again?


"We become like those things we habitually love and admire. And thus, as we study Christ's life and live his teachings, we become more like him." -Tad R. Callister

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