Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ask and Ye Shall... Achieve Greatness

Growing up I was so afraid to ask questions in fear I would be asking a dumb question or just look stupid all together. But then I realized if I never ask questions, I will never learn anything and I would then literally sit in stupidity, never knowing about the things going on around me.

Asking questions is something that I have learned and am still learning to do. When someone speaks up about a topic I am not familiar with I try to jump at the opportunity to ask more about it. What a great opportunity it is to learn from those around me. Everyone around us has something they are experts at that we are not. We can learn something from everyone! How truly incredible is that?!

Joseph Smith was the "master asker", as Tad R. Callister says in his book The Infinite Atonement. He says, "His queries triggered the First Vision, the Word of Wisdom, the revelation on celestial marriage, the vision on the three degrees of glory, and in truth, almost every other notable revelation in this dispensation."

Oh how true is this? If it was not for Joseph Smith inquiring about which church he should join, acting upon what the scriptures teach by asking in prayer, we would not have the knowledge of the church that we do now! My life would be completely different!

Think of someone great... Aristotle, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Da Vinci, etc. ALL of these people asked questions. They all had questions about the things going on around them and they all achieved greatness by asking questions and chasing after the answers.

The beginning of our greatness is simply in this idea... ask questions and you will gain knowledge. There is no doubt about it.


"Take those chances and you can achieve greatness, whereas if you go conservative, you'll never know."
-Danica Patrick

"To avoid critisim say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." -Aristotle

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